To create better jobs for young people in fragile states

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Young people living in FCAS are facing major, intersecting ‘permacrises’. Initiated in part by the COVID-19 pandemic, global economic recessions and escalating conflict have increased instability in many places.

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To date, SPARK has: supported the creation of 4954 new businesses supported the growth of 7113 existing businesses facilitated access to finance for 10793 entrepreneurs facilitated the creation of 29025 new jobs provided 14523 youth with scholarships to higher education



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€ 18.401.811

Contribution to the stability of communities affected by conflict, crisis (e.g., climate crisis) and displacement, through strengthening an adequate and inclusive service provision for local business development and job creation/matching for youth.

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€ 16.941.931

  1. We facilitate our partners' start up and scale up activities for local businesses.
  2. We facilitate our partners' skill up and match up activities for local marginalised youth.
  3. We leverage the capacity of our local partners and connnect them with other stakeholders in their eco-support systems.
  4. We facilitate advocacy for improving local regulatory frameworks in business development and job creation/mathcing.

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€ 18.456.060

SPARK’s primary income is coming from governmental and institutional grants and a number of private sector donors. Main sources of income during the last 3-5 years include: Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EU, Qatar Fund for Development, Islamic Development Bank, etc.

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