Women win

A future where every girl and woman exercises their rights.

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Women Win collaborates with diverse partners to increase the assets, access, voice, and agency of women and girls around the world. Our work is distributed across three “initiatives” which all serve WW’s overall vision, each with its own unique mission.

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Paramount to achieving our missions and vision is the tireless work of local partners and movements. Together we place girls’ and women’s resilience, leadership and lived experiences at the heart and centre of everything we do.



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20 gebieden



Erkend sinds

01 mei 2024


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Onze uitgaven (2022)

€ 10.139.475

WW works to advance girls’ and women’s rights amidst the scarce resources currently available for feminist movements by creating strategic alliances, co-creating collective funds based on shared governance and championing innovative approaches to strengthening movements.

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Doelbesteding (2022)

€ 9.369.520

  1. Through GRLS we advance the playing field that progresses gender equity in and through sport and play.
  2. Win-Win Strategies builds bridges to advance girls' and women's economic resilience through impactful partnerships and holistic approaches.
  3. Ignita catalyses a shift in the philanthropy ecosystem that strengthens movements’ capacities to drive change on their own terms.

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Onze inkomsten (2022)

€ 21.130.187

WW's fundraising and partnership ethos is grounded in transparency, equity, mutual benefit, and accountability. Our current funding portfolio includes governments, multilaterals, non-profits, corporates, corporate foundations, and individuals.

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